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Mindful Work Coach

When you want to gain clarity around the work you do in relation to time, money, and intention, I am here to help.

Book a 15-minute complimentary call to discuss what you need help with. Send an email to

Sessions are $85 an hour with half-hour sessions and multi-session bundles available.

Resume Writing

Need to update your outdated resume or have one crafted from scratch? I am here to help.

Prices start at $65 for 0-2 years work experience; $80 for 2-8 years; $100+ for 8+ years. Rates may increase depending on the complexity of your work history and if you are making a career change. All of these include a 15-minute phone conversation so you and I can get clear on what you need and want in your resume.

LinkedIn Profiles/Bios/About Pages

Whether you are looking for recruiters to find you or are making a more active search, that profile of yours needs to explain the best things you have to offer. And you can take it up a notch by sharing the right personal details and aspirations. It’s a story and I’m here to help you tell it.

Prices start at $65 for LinkedIn profiles and similar type bios. About Pages for your website begin at $100. All of these can also be done as a script for you to record on video or audio to really stand out.

Send an email to and let me know what you need help with.