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Are you ready for a change in your life in 2020? You need a clear vision of your best life. And intentions that are right for you!

Come explore your relationship with work, time, money, and your intentions for your life.

Simple, short daily contemplations straight from my book, LIFElihood. And by the end, you'll be ready for your best life!

Join the challenge and change your life!

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    Who am I?

    My name is Andrea Mai, Mindful Work Coach and author of Lifelihood: 31 Days to Explore Work, Time, Money, and Intention to Create Your Best Life.

    But the real question is who are you?

    What will you learn?

    • A lot about yourself and what is blocking you from your best life.
    • Where your ideas about work, time, and money come from.
    • What you truly desire to create in your life - and what is right for you (not what is right for your brother or neighbor or coworker!)