Welcome to the Show Notes for Episode 004 of the LIFElihood Podcast. In this episode, I interviewed Jesse Grathoff, a Realtor in the Greater Nashville Area.

LIFElihood Podcast Episode 004: Residential Real Estate with Jesse Grathoff

In this episode, I talk with Jesse Grathoff, a Realtor in the Greater Nashville, Tennessee area. Jesse has been in real estate for two years and works a lot with what he calls Community Heroes such as armed forces veterans, teachers, and public service employees like police, EMS, and so forth.

He speaks about his concerns about making the career change and going into business as a real estate agent.  We talk about the kinds of skills necessary to succeed including creating the right mindset, time management, project management, accountability, self-discipline, sales skills and marketing including phone calls, videos, and social media.

We talk about morning routines and what a typical day looks like – from showing houses to inspections to closings.

Jesse discusses the importance of mentoring, choosing the right brokerage for you.

We discuss the different commission models including the 100% model which involves keeping 100%. Then you pay a per transaction fee and a fee to the broker.

Other models: you pay a fee for technology and office space then receive 50-70% while paying your broker 30-50%. 

Prior to his shift into real estate, he was in the military and then worked primarily in the hospitality sector and food and beverage for about 20 years.

Connect with Jesse Grathoff at:

Website: www.JesseGProperty.com

TNHEROConnection – coming soon

YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCIOYCpawIk55aiO-8aiDwXA


REALTOR Information: National Association of Realtors and your local association

Get licensed as a real estate agent then take the state exam. Then take an affiliate exam and join the REALTOR associations. Then comes the Continuing Education requirements.

He strongly advises finding mentors and coaches.

Books/Podcasts he recommends

Joshua Smith Youtube channel and coaching program  GSD

Bluefishing: The Art of Making Things Happen by Steve Sims (affiliate link)

Darren Hardy – Darren Daily – 5-minute daily coaching videos to help you excel

Tom Ferry – Real Estate coach including the Tom Ferry Show on YouTube

Classics that help you talk to people in a better way:

Napolean Hill: Think and Grow Rich (affiliate link)

Dale Carnegie – How to Win Friends and Influence People (and other great books!) (affiliate link)

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