Podcast Episode 003 Show Notes

Do you dream of making cheesecakes to make some dough! Yes, that is a terribly cheesy play on words, but how often will I get the chance to do that?

This episode of the LIFElihood podcast is with my friend, Fawn Larson. Fawn owns Sweet Cheeses Bakery and you can hop over to her site to order truly delicious cheesecakes at www.sweetcheesesbakery.com. When Fawn shows up at a party with a platter of tasty two-bite samplers, people get happy!

She was a marketing major in college but the call of owning a baking business was her real joy. So, she started her first cheesecake business in LaFayette, LA after college. Then, after a long hiatus in the corporate world, she made the leap to self-employment once again, this time in Nashville, TN.

As a baking business entrepreneur, she’s had to navigate the regulations for a food-based business.

I hope you enjoy this episode.

And if you think the baking biz is in your future, pick up a digital copy today of my book, Adventures in Starting a Baking Business through my online store.

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