Episode 005 of the LIFElihood Podcast: Interview with Josh Minton, HQ Insurance

In this episode I interview Josh Minton. We discuss navigating the busy-ness of business, what self-care he uses to support that, and why he and a couple of others developed a networking group that is growing quickly.

We discuss workouts to wake up and get the blood pumping, and how kickball is great for competitiveness!

With a lot more freedom to pursue his career in the way he wanted, Josh tells us about how he joined with a couple of others to set up the kind of networking experience he wished for to grow his business. 


Best book that changed his career: The Go Giver: A Story About a Powerful Business Idea by Bob Berg. (affiliate link) This book is about the idea that helping others will help you in the long run. Gaining and having the confidence in this idea.

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Connect Nashville Business Networking Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/ConnectNashville

Connect Nashville Business Networking LinkedIn:


Josh expressed how the Mastermind meeting through Connect Nashville has helped him. It is purely focused on professional development. The mastermind group reflects on books, podcasts, and other resources that really help. And doing it with a diverse group – not just agents – to talk through together.

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